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Listing Request for Nitro (by Router protocol)
Dear Team, I am reaching out on behalf of Router Protocol to consider listing a DApp that has recently gained significant traction in the blockchain community. The DApp in question is Nitro (by Router Protocol). Nitro is a cross-chain bridge that has quickly garnered attention for its outstanding features and benefits, making it a standout choice for inclusion in your DApp listing platform. Nitro is not just another DApp; it represents a paradigm shift in gas efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness for intent-based bridges. Its ability to support both EVM and non-EVM transactions sets it apart as a versatile solution for a wide range of use cases. By listing Nitro (by Router Protocol) on Your DApp platform, we can unlock a myriad of opportunities for users and developers alike. Its integration would not only enhance the functionality of the DApp listing platform but also contribute to its continued growth and innovation. We at Router Protocol sincerely believe that Nitro (by Router Protocol) has the potential to significantly elevate the DApp platform and contribute to its mission of decentralization, security, and accessibility. I urge you to consider this request and explore the possibilities of incorporating Nitro (by Router Protocol) into Your DApp listing platform. Here are some relevant links: , , Thank you for your time and consideration. I am more than happy to provide any additional information or assistance required regarding Nitro (by Router Protocol). Best regards, Vennila Seshadri Marketing Associate Router protocol

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